Flanders filter housing. Cooling tower sand filters

Flanders Filter Housing

flanders filter housing

    filter housing
  • a ported enclosure that directs the flow of fluid through the filter element.

  • (Filter Housings) Dedicated units to secure the filter in place. Filter housings

  • a medieval country in northern Europe that included regions now parts of northern France and Belgium and southwestern Netherlands

  • A region in the southwestern part of the Low Countries, now divided between Belgium, France, and the Netherlands. It was a powerful medieval principality and the scene of prolonged fighting during World War I

  • The Flanders Automobile Company was a short-lived US-American automobile manufacturer which operated in Detroit, Michigan, from 1910 to 1913.

  • Flanders (Dutch: , Flandre) is the (political) community of the Flemings but also one of the institutions in Belgium, and a geographical region located in parts of present-day Belgium, France, and the Netherlands.

Ned Flanders - The Devil

Ned Flanders - The Devil

Can I say, table top photos are addicting. My bro saw my other watch and asked if I could take shots of his Nixon watch and Ned Flanders toy. I told him I'd do it in the morning since I didn't feel like setting up again. Ten minutes later, everything was set up and I started shooting again. I'd shoot every little thing in my house if I could.

These didn't come out at white as I wanted them to. I think is was because I used a stofen filter on the top light, so is didn't blowout the white paper. Still looks cool tho, a little dimension.

Flanders Volley Gala 7

Flanders Volley Gala 7

Fotoreeks van Flanders Volley Gala te Sint-Niklaas, getrokken op 29 december 2007.

Serie took at Flanders Volley Gala, Sint-Niklaas on 29-12-2007.

flanders filter housing

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