Carbon Filter Water Bottle - Laptop Privacy Filter.

Carbon Filter Water Bottle

carbon filter water bottle

    carbon filter
  • Carbon filtering is a method of filtering that uses a piece of activated carbon to remove contaminants and impurities, utilizing chemical adsorption.

  • (Carbon Filters) Eliminates odors in composting bins.

  • An air filter using activated carbon as a cleansing agent

    water bottle
  • Tank car filled with water, used behind preserved steam locomotives.

  • a bottle for holding water

  • (WATER BOTTLES) If your parrot is a perpetual soup maker in his water bowl, a water bottle will prevent him from drinking water that is full of dangerous bacteria.The water bottle should be changed daily even though the water looks clean.

carbon filter water bottle - Kids Bobble

Kids Bobble Magenta Band Filtered Water Bottle

Kids Bobble Magenta Band Filtered Water Bottle

Bid farewell to wasteful and expensive bottled water, and say hello to bobble. The bobble filtered water bottle is a revolutionary step in achieving filtered water in a convenient, efficient, and environmentally friendly way. Utilizing a high quality, patented carbon filter, bobble's water bottles help you save money by offering a system that filters your tap water as you drink, and eliminates the need to purchase costly single-serve bottled water. With aesthetics by renowned designer Karim Rashid, this bottle is of an easy grip, squeezable design, with a filter that is a direct extension of the mouthpiece. The mouthpiece snaps open and closed, much like a plastic sport's drink nozzle, and an oval plastic cap protects it from dirt and contaminants when not in use. The kids bobble is designed to make your child want to drink water with a fun and colorful design, paired with a smaller size that is easy for small hands to grip. The filter has a magenta band with blue filter and yellow mouth piece and is sure to keep your kids refilling. Also included are fun stickers that will have them and their friends wanting more.
bobble is made from FDA approved recycled PET that is free of BPA, Phthalates and PVC. Due to these properties, it's handy on-the-go filtration, and the entire product being completely recyclable, bobble is featured as one of Oprah's favorites for eco-friendly products. Before first use, simply rinse one bottle full of water through the filter to remove any loose carbon. The filter is recommended to be replaced every 2 months or after 40 gallons of water have been used (roughly 300 refills).

79% (14)

etc Water

etc Water

Etc Spring Water is a distinguished luxury brand of Spring Water, offering a smooth, fresh flavour sourced locally from the countryside in the South West of England. Originating from a natural rock spring in Devonshire, etc Spring Water is clear and crisp. Hydrostatic pressure at the exclusive spring adds to what Mother Nature has already created, resulting in total undiluted purity, bottled on demand to maintain the waters’ freshness.

Each and every precious drop of etc SpringWater has slowly percolated through rocks, including chalk and limestone, over hundreds of years to create a distinct flavour that is simply incomparable. This organic filtering ensures etc Spring Water holds a balanced mineral content, whilst remaining uncontaminated by artificial processes and ingredients, making it one of the purest waters on the market today.

With a low carbon foot print, luxury etc Spring Water is full of healthy minerals with a low sodium content that will not leave a 'chemical’ aftertaste like so many other water brands before. Uber sleek with a subtle design, etc Spring Water comes in 330ml, 500ml and 750ml recycled bottles, with an elegant premium Gold Range available in both still and lightly sparkling.
Refined, fashionable and sophisticated, etc Spring Water provides hydration and revitilisation whilst reviving your senses without compromise.

SIGG water bottle

SIGG water bottle

My husband bought me a new water bottle yesterday (early b-day present) as he doesn't want me drinking out of plastic so much while I'm pregnant (usually I use a Nalgene). This SIGG water bottle was so cute, I couldn't resist! And a perfect start to Kelli's "Green Week"

carbon filter water bottle

carbon filter water bottle

KOR ONE BPA Free Hydration Vessel (Ice Blue)

KOR ONE BPA Free Hydration Vessel

The average U.S. consumer discarded 167 single-use water bottles last year. Of these 167, only 20 were recycled; the rest of the oil-based bottles went into landfills or wound up as litter. Now you can do your part to promote a greener lifestyle--and enjoy a strikingly beautiful design in the process--with the KOR ONE hydration vessel. Offering everything you want in a multi-use water bottle, the KOR ONE boasts an elliptical shape that's inspired by the organic beauty of blown glass, with a sparkling body that stands out in a crowd. More importantly, the bottle eagerly quenches your thirst thanks to the "no-worry-cap" swivel, which opens with a press of a button and a twist of the wrist. Not only does this reveal a mouth wide enough for a satisfying flow, but it's also designed to minimize splashing. And users will appreciate the bottle's slim, ergonomic design, which fits in most cup holders and water-bottle pockets.
Promoting Healthy Lifestyles
Most refillable water bottles are made of polycarbonate, even though scientists have known for years that Bisphenol-A (BPA), a chemical used in the polycarbonate manufacturing process, leaches into whatever liquid goes inside (BPA is a known hormone disruptor that's been linked to birth defects). That's why the Kor One is made from Eastman Tritan, which offers the clarity and performance of polycarbonate but without the dangers of BPA. It's also safer to refill the Kor One than to re-fill single-use bottles, which tend to act as breeding grounds for bacteria. Many single-use bottles are made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET), which studies indicate leaches potentially harmful amounts of antimony and other chemicals, especially as the bottle breaks down from re-use. The KOR ONE, by contrast, is easy to clean and stays safe throughout its lifetime.
Perhaps the most important benefit that the Kor One provides, however, is an immediate delivery system for your body's most important substance: water. Your body contains up to 70 percent water, and every metabolic system depends on it. Even minor dehydration can have significant effects, ranging from fatigue and headaches to indigestion and muscle cramps. The KOR ONE helps overcome these problems by giving you instant access to water, helping keep your muscles and joints happy and lubricated, distributing vitamins and other nutrients throughout the body, and helping remove lactic acid, dead cells, and toxins that would otherwise slow you down (or worse).
A Sustainable Choice
According to the Pacific Institute, the amount of petroleum required to make, ship, and distribute the average single-use water bottle would fill 25 percent of the bottle itself. So when you drink a bottle of water, you're also consuming the equivalent of a quarter of the bottle's volume in oil. The Earth Policy Institute estimates that bottled water consumption is the global warming equivalent of three million cars driven for a year. Drinking from a reusable water bottle, however, is a simple but empowering change. You may not be able to reverse global warming single-handedly, but collectively we can make a difference by changing our water consumption habits.
Additional Features:
Hinged opening makes drinking easier and more enjoyable (no cap to lose or fight with)
750 ml capacity
Tapered shape fits hands of all sizes and most backpacks, briefcases, and laptop bags
Ergonomic handle for easy carrying
Soft rubber base makes for easy landing
Wide mouth for strong flow, adding ice cubes, and easy cleaning
Dishwasher-safe in top rack (hand washing with soap and hot water recommended)
Measures 3.54 by 11.36 by 2.58 inches (W x H x D)

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