Cascade fish filters : Diy canister filter aquarium

Cascade Fish Filters

cascade fish filters

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cascade fish filters - Cascade® Filter

Cascade® Filter Replacement Cartridges for Cascade® 600 Internal Power Filters, 2-pack

Cascade® Filter Replacement Cartridges for Cascade® 600 Internal Power Filters, 2-pack

Cascade® filter replacement cartridges from Penn-Plax® work to keep your aquarium water clean & clear. Each pack contains 2 disposable filters specially designed to fit your Cascade® 600 internal power filter. Each filter uses activated carbon to remove ammonia & nitrites keeping your aquarium clean & healthy. Each easy-to-replace disposable cartridge is perfectly sized to fit your Cascade® 600 internal power filter. Intact used cartridges can often be rinsed and refilled with activated carbon of your choice. For use on Cascade® 600 internal power filters only.

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Fish heaven

Fish heaven

We have a 400l pond with a 80l cascade pond at the top. It has a pump and bio filter to keep the ecosystem clean. There are about 10 carp and 15 gold fish of varying sizes and a full blown frog colony breeding in the top pond (where the taddies won't get eaten by the fish!)

Cascades in Franc?ois

Cascades in Franc?ois

This waterfall located in the centre of Franc?ois was photographed on a very foggy morning. Topaz filters and Nik filters were applied. Also a canvas texture was added to give the feel of a painting.

cascade fish filters

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